Group Exhibition

8 April - 6 May 2022

Kutlesa is pleased to present Power of Femininity, an exhibition of work by Tania Marmolejo, Lizzy Lunday, Jeanine Brito, Laura Berger, Amy Beager, Lanise Howard, Marigold Santos, and Lindsey Jean McLean, on view at the gallery's location.


Femininity is a force as fluid and supple as it is raw in its strength and potential. As singular as it is multiplicitous, as personal as it is communal and historic. It is beyond the corporeal yet grounded, palpable, embodied and experienced. The group exhibition Power of Femininity honors the multifaceted concept of “the feminine”, serving as much as an inquiry and exploration as it is a celebration. Gathering a dynamic group of female-identifying artists, the artworks consider what the feminine means symbolically and concretely, beyond prescribed roles and representations. The practices presented exhibit a range of formal and thematic qualities: dreamlike archetypes, vibrant abstractions, softly-conjured figures in mundane poses, and carefully rendered details of nature and domesticity paired against details of the body. The result is a unified vision of what can never be described uniformly—therein lies its power.

Installation Views