Born in Santo Domingo (1975), The Dominican Republic, Tania began her studies as a graphic designer and illustrator in Harstad, Norway in 1993, continuing her education in Fine Arts in Kristiansand, Norway, Fine Arts in The Dominican Republic, and graduating from Fine Arts and Illustration in the year 2000 in Parsons, New York.

Her mixed Scandinavian-Caribbean heritage plays a large role in her work, often depicting female characters that are torn between two opposing forces such as hesitation/ seduction, fear/ determination, as well as cultural and physical divides, as a means of expressing the dual and opposing cultural influences present in her development as a woman and artist.

The cartoonish qualities in her work are remnants of her experience designing characters for animation, for companies such as PBS, Nickelodeon, MTV and Hyperion/Disney, and her children's book illustrations that include a series on the national parks in the Dominican Republic. These influences create a unique mix of themes, color and mood in her paintings and works.

She has participated in over 30 exhibitions, and 9 international solo exhibits, as well as international art fairs such as Context Miami during Art Basel, Scope and PINTA. Tania is the author of the books: "To Doodle Or Not To Doodle", and "I Doodle, Therefore I Am". She is a champion for women's rights, often exhibiting with organizations that support women.


Images: Tania Marmolejo, A New Belonging, 2022 (detail). © Tania Marmolejo. Portrait Tania Marmolejo

Selected Works