David White (a.k.a. “Mr.StarCity”) is an American multidisciplinary visual artist whose work spans a diverse range of media across painting, sculpture, poetry, music, performance, film, photography and installation art. Growing up across Brooklyn during the ’80’s, Mr.StarCity spent his childhood and formative years creating large-scale murals in memorial to the many friends he lost to violence. It was when Mr.StarCity began painting that he found his calling and discovered its potential to affect community, uplift spirits and create positive change through the healing power of art. 


Throughout his works, Mr.StarCity critically addresses the lasting effects of generational trauma on identity, emotional well-being, and the stigmas associated with mental illnesses. As a social expressionist of the human condition, Mr.StarCity’s work continues to be inspired by real-life experiences and encounters with strangers, friends, family and figures that extend beyond the representational. His extended research into human emotion helps to break down stigmas and taboos in relation to mental and emotional well-being.


A self-taught artist, Mr.StarCity’s practice is unrestricted by classical, academic tenets. Drawing inspiration from his poetry and the truth of the everyday, Mr.StarCity creates figurative and expressionistic works that emerge through his spontaneous and constantly evolving, highly experimental practice. Using any materials available at hand and sourcing from both real and imagined histories, his works are full of texture and infused with a deep sense of his physical and emotional surroundings, embodying an otherworldly synthesis of the beauty, passion, and conflict that define the human condition. He has become increasingly recognized for his experimental storytelling through his uniquely playful paintings complemented by his lyrical poetry. Whatever the medium, Mr.StarCity’s undying commitment to spreading positivity while uplifting the spirits of his community is palpable throughout his body of work and all channels of creation.