Hélio Luís joins Kutlesa

Announcing global representation of the Lisbon-based artist

We are delighted to announce that we now represent Hélio Luís exclusively worldwide. In February, Luís will hold his first solo exhibition with Kutlesa in Goldau, Switzerland. Kutlesa look forward to supporting Luís in the next stages of his career.

Hélio Luís (b. 1980, Portugal) is a self-taught artist from Lisbon, whose large format-paintings depict a space between reality and the imagination. Sourcing from literature, photography, and archival cinema, Luís confronts fraught and complex legacies such as the presence of colonialism and the “exotic” within European art and Art History, contextualizing them within the contemporary world. Luís’ gestural handling of paint ranges from the subdued to the boldly expressionistic, the technical application and materiality taking a foreground in his practice. Vibrant hues and discernible layers are juxtaposed with a refined, traditional figurativism— a collision of the past and present on the canvas.


Jan 3, 2022