Jeanine Brito x CBC Arts

Jeanine Brito uses her dreamlike paintings to preserve memories and fantasies of 'life before'

There is a slow, lilting song by the 1940s quartet The Ink Spots, in which the group, accompanied by a lonely ukulele, hums and croons, "We three, we're all alone, living in a memory: my echo, my shadow, and me." This is how one might have found Jeanine Brito in 2020: all perception of time had melted away, and she was alone with only a memory for company, painting herself into a lush, shadowy dream sequence.


Like each of us, the artist had been caught in the revolving door of the past two years, looping through a time-warp of hasty reopenings, lockdowns, and a shaky sense of normalcy. It was only one brushstroke at a time that the German-born, Toronto-based painter grounded herself, turning to a practice that became fully realized in the throes of the pandemic.

December 8, 2021