Laura Berger x Juxtapoz

Body Language

Laura Berger headed to the coasts of Costa Rica for her first great escape, and the shores still tug mightily. She’s a Midwestern gal, born and bred, a firmly centered one at that, but like the symphony of skyscrapers for which her hometown of Chicago is known, her figures are unique but dance in harmony. A background in theatrical performance informs the understanding that ensemble enhances the beauty of a solo, while her devotion to yoga is evident in the rangy bodies that curl up in contemplation or reach out and strive like her city’s skyline. As she readied for her show with Hashimoto Gallery In NYC this November 2020, I spoke to the painter, and sometime sculptor and animator, about her melodious, multi-fluent and timeless inhabitants who speak softly but sound out. 

November 2, 2020