Museum Acquisition

David 'Mr.StarCity' White

Kutlesa is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Sky Searching by David 'Mr.StarCity' White to the permanent collection of the Up Next Art Museum in Puerto Rico.

The Up Next Art Museum is the preeminent center in the Caribbean for Black, Hispanic, and Female Contemporary Artists. We feature artists from all over the globe and our goal is to be able to educate people about culture and society through art. Puerto Rico, visited by millions every year, is the American hub in the Caribbean and is culturally rich and diverse. Knowledge is power, and we are committed to fighting the racial injustice and oppression that has bifurcated society throughout history. We must make it a shared priority to dismantle racism & sexism and re-evaluate our institutions and systems. The time is NOW to celebrate the accomplishments and stories of the incredibly talented creatives that are paving the way toward actionable change in society.

The Caribbean’s premier art program celebrating the excellence of emerging artists of diverse backgrounds from around the globe. The Museum is located just outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico in a 22,000 square foot refurbished industrial warehouse. 

Dec 9, 2021