Aramis Navarro: never odd or even

Gebert Foundation *ALTEFABRIK
An exhibition by the Gebert Foundation for Culture*, curated by Irene Grillo.

What is time and how differently is it perceived? Walking a tightrope between personal sensations and scientific findings, Aramis Navarro approaches the temporal dimension in the exhibition “never odd or even” and explores it from differ- ent perspectives. Painting and its many ways of representing the abstract construct of time on a two-dimensional surface set the pace.

The focus of Aramis Navarro’s first institutional solo exhibition is the artist’s current exploration of the visual representability of time through painting. The presentation of numerous paintings from the timestudies series-which Navarro began in 2019 and continues to expand is instal- lation-based in the exhibition and is completed by means of a spatial staging. The targeted use of building materials such as bricks, formwork panels, and scaffolding, as well as the use of different room heights, are intended to represent time as an abstract construction and support its perception in the exhibition space.

An important component of Navarro’s artistic practice forms a meticulous preoccupation with language, phonetics and writing. Driven by an irrepressible urge to explore these areas, hecreates drawings, paintings, sculptures, installa- tions, texts, and sounds that are characterized by poetry, humor, and an unforced lightness. Since language strongly influences our feelings and understandings of time, it occupies a prom- inent place in the exhibition at *ALTEFABRIK. Already as a title Navarro has chosen the palindrome “never odd or even”, which in terms of content and form suggests a questioning of the conventional linear conception of time and at the same time leaves room for further interpretation.
Feb 10, 2023