• Kutlesa Gallery, Post-War & Contemporary Art

    Kutlesa Gallery

    Post-War & Contemporary Art

    The Gallery is based next to Mount Rigi; also known as Queen of the Mountains. Mt. Rigi has been featured in many works of art, including both paintings and literary publications. Perhaps the most famous paintings of the Rigi were a series by Joseph Mallord William Turner, including The Blue Rigi, Sunrise, several of which are in the collection of the Tate Britain Art Gallery in London.

    Kutlesa Gallery is a Post-War & Contemporary Art Gallery, which presents the work of rising artists with a major talent and high potential. Powered by the concern to realise magnificent shows for our visitors from all over the world, we promote the careers of international contemporary creators. To exhibit brilliant modern art with a focus on artistic movement is our major ambition. Therefore we are a team of individuals with an outstanding expertise and considerable experience in the art world and related disciplines. Our changing exhibitions are striving to shed new light on the appreciation and intermediation of pop-, minimal- and concept art.